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Are you at breaking point?

Not sure who is telling you the truth?
Want independent reliable guidance?

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Lacking inspiration?

Wanting a working solution?

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Defined processes?

Everyone working with a common understanding?

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Business Consultancy

You want the best technology for your business. We have developed the best and most innovative systems behind some very successful businesses, this is how we can help you. We have not just read about it, we have sucessfully done it. We work with you on your side of the fence!

Technology Consultancy

Do you want to make decisions based on understanding? Do you want to look your suppliers in the eye and discuss intelligently what you need, rather than what they want to sell you? You may not want to build it yourself, but being able to follow the meeting would be good? “Imagine being assisted by someone who actually knows how to do it for real! And can hold your hand all the way.”


You want to understand enough to make informed decisions. You do not want to make costly mistakes based on biased information. Do you want someone who is on your side of the fence? Helping you talk to suppliers and educating you as you go! Our training is based on the questions and problems we face in the field!

When to call us…

Call me to solve these problems

  • You want a dynamic dialogue and you want to be challenged.
  • You believe process improvement and automation might help your business.
  • You want to work with a person who has built similar solutions, not just attended a seminar.
  • You want to work with someone who will tell you what you need to know.
  • You want to work with someone who is passionate about process and improving efficiency
  • You want to work with someone with a proven history of helping companies drive sales, improve efficiency and grow through the correct use of technology.
  • You suspect you are being robbed, but do not understand enough to solve the problem.

Do not call me if:

  • You are closed to new ideas.
  • You believe that everything has to remain as it always has.

What our clients say…

Andrew McEwan

Ian Burton and Aptek rock!

Andrew McEwanManaging Director, The Web Workshop Ltd

Over the last 12 years Ian has helped us develop 2 very sophisticated and complex websites for our partnership’s businesses. These were the key components in the overall success of these companies, both of which have now been sold at a premium. Both are consumer products distribution companies that were driven by the user community.

John McDonaldSugarloaf, Ggoinque and Condotasks

I initially started working with Ian when our company was in the embryonic stages of establishing a consumer based craft site, over 7 years ago. The main objective of the site was to provide online inspiration and drive consumer sales through our nationwide trade customer stores.